African Caribbean Roots man shows his Jamaican roots
African Caribbean Genealogist

Uncovering the Legacy of British Slave-Ownership and My Family Tree

I was one of many Black Britain’s inspired when Alex Haley’s Roots was televised. I wanted to trace my family tree because I wanted to know about my Ancestors. It’s why I spent much of my young adult life searching public records my African heritage. That was during the 1980s and 1990’s.

Tracing African-Caribbean slave ancestors was thought up until then, mission impossible! No one has ever managed that! Unprecedented! So I was told. Back then no one had thought public records to be of any use helping Africans in the diaspora know who they are.  In 2002, Ancestors was published announcing the availability the 1817 Slave Registers and other sources for ancestry research and exploring the legacies of slavery.