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Ancestry Talks has given hundreds of people in the UK free access to expert insight into tracing Black Family History.

Presenting genealogy discoveries interwoven with Black history references, audiences are invited to discover how Black family history can be harnessed as powerful tools for exploring self-identity and self-empowerment. Ancestry Talks is an unmissable supplement to the Black History event calendar.

Your pledge will help enhance and extend the our programme beyond London's M25. We want thousands of people to gain access to our unique talks and workshops.

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Greater knowledge of family history is associated with a host of positive outcomes for the people, including higher self-esteem, a stronger belief in their capacity to control the future, lower levels of anxiety, fewer behavioral problems, more resilience in the event of hardship, better academic performance and better relationships with their parents. By Michael Alison Chandler December 10, 2013

I’m passionate supporting families and individuals explore their black family history. That's why I'm aiming to raise funding to tour Ancestry Talks in metropolitan areas of the UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester) and beyond.

Although most Ancestry Talks events are free, it can costs up to £300 to arrange. Ancestry talks does not receive funding from mainstream sources.

  • Preparation,
  • Venue hire,
  • travel subsistence expenses,
  • Equipment.

Ancestry Talks does not receive funding from mainstream sources.