Inclusion & Cultural Awareness Workshops

Cultural Awareness Workshops

My approach recognises that collaboration is central to finding solutions to important problems. Workshops are designed to help strengthen and support building inclusive teams.

My creative activities recognises the popularity of family history, repurposing it to foster self-exploration by creating a safe group environment in which personal thoughts, feelings, and actions regarding cultural awareness are seen as a natural outgrowth of powerful social and psychological forces in people’s lives.

I have repurposed talks on exploration ancestry into social activities aimed at support groups and networks. Activities are designed to deliver the following outcomes:

  • enable meeting opportunities to connect individuals who wish to strengthen their networks
  • increase awareness and sensitivity to other co-workers cultural and social background.
  • build a personal acknowledgment of cultural and ethnic diversity of the group

Cultural Awareness Workshops Benefits

  • Accentuates creativity and fun.
  • Provides a break that energizes meeting participants.
  • Fosters friendly banter and relationship building.