Paul Crooks KS3 slave history

KS3 Slavery & Abolition Speaker for Schools

Paul is a speaker for KS3 slavery and abolition within the British Empire.

Paul delivers classroom or school library based workshops. His KS3 Slavery talks are interactive and based on expertise gained researching his historical novel Ancestors. He talks about

  • the slave trade (from capture to disembarkation)
  • the life of a slave and plantation society
  • Untold stories of abolition
  • slavery and resistance

A Tree Without Roots Talk/workshop encourages KS3 students studying Empire and slavery  to

  • make a human connection across time
  • make links with their present and past events
  • think about why people migrate
  • young people to value each other’s unique histories

Students like to hear Paul’s inspiring talk about his search for his family tree, ie

  • why he became an author
  • what triggered his interest in family history
  • his journey
  • his unique family tree
  • his family’s migration down through the ages
  • unique challenges he faced tracing my ancestors back 200 years, from London, through Jamaica to West Africa
  • his unique discoveries tracing his Black and British history.
KS3 Slavery - Transatlantic slave trade

Key Stage 3 British Slavery and Abolition Schools based Workshops

Paul's KS3 Slavery and abolition workshops challenge students to use reasoning and enquiry skills to think critically about the emotive and controversial history of slavery and why it was brought to an ended. He tailors sessions to suit subject lead school curriculum objectives. These include

  • helping students develop historical knowledge by encouraging them to take part in wider reading about history (KS3 slavery) outside of the classroom
  • firing students’ curiosity and imagination, moving and inspiring them with the dilemmas, choices, and beliefs of people in the past
  • providing an excellent springboard to support or reinforce cross-curricular topic discussion
  • supporting students to develop skills of critical thinking and stretch pupils understanding of the issues
  • enabling pupils to ask and answer questions of the present by engaging with the past
  • Paul's KS3 Slavery and Abolition workshops can provide a suitable alternative to school trips.

You can contact Paul Crooks Speaker for Schools here

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