Learn how I found records online relating to my grandparents going back to the 1920s, and how you use such documents to reach back further. 15 m 30s

Learn how I used documents found in the tutorial 2 to find my great grandfather. You’ll also learn about the source and their importance tracking back. 6 m 17 s

Learn how I used documents which I identified in tutorial 2, to find my G grandfather. You’ll learn about the source and their importance tracking back. 9m 23s

You are likely to face a number of major challenges researching back to the 1850s online. Develop your understanding of basic techniques to overcome them. 7m

You’ll learn how I found other documents pertaining to my GG Grandfather. You’ll understand how to use them and why when further your personal search. 4m 52s

Learn how I found public records pertaining to my GGG grandfather enslaved in the Caribbean 200 years ago. Learn how records found can benefit your search. 4m 35s

Get insights into how to overcome brick walls by developing an understanding of how records and the way they are organised have evolved over. 12m 34s

You’ll benefit from insights into how I varied my search technique and interpreted information to overcome major barriers to tracing my great grandfather. 9m 23s

You benefit by learning the real challenges I faced and how I overcame major barriers to tracing my great great grandfather – a born enslaved in the Caribbean. 5m 43s

This tutorial shows the differences between the types of records kept. You’ll appreciate how lateral thinking can enable your search for your family roots.

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