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How to Trace Your Caribbean Roots Back to the 1800s Online - Premium Bundle

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Case Study 1 - How to find Your Ancestors documents back to 1920 16 m 47s
Case study 2 – How To Trace Public Records Dating Back To The 1880s 7 m 26 s
Case study 3 – How to Use 1880s Documents to Trace Forebears Who Lived in the 1860s 10 m 34 s
Case study 4 – How to Search Online For Your Caribbean Ancestors Who Lived during the 1850s 8 m 15 s
Case study 5 – How To Find Your Caribbean Forebears who Lived During the 1830 and 1840s 6 m 05 s
Case study 6 – How to Trace Caribbean Ancestors Who Lived During the Early 1800s 5m 48s
Case study 7 – Avoiding Major Pitfalls of Tracing Caribbean Ancestors Back to the 1880s 13m 48s
Case study 8 – What You Need to Know About Pitfalls Tracing Back to the 1860s 7m 42s
Case study 9 – How to Overcome the Pitfalls of Tracing Your Ancestors Back to 1850s 13m 48s
Case study 10 – How to Overcome with Challenges You May Face Tracing Back to the Early 1800s 7m 02s

These tutorials are suitable for anyone:

  • new to exploring family history
  • with some experience of searching for ancestors but want to develop skills and knowledge further
  • who have started, but you've hit a brick wall and want some guidance on how to move forward