Sankofa: The Grenville Tower Fire


Sankofa birdI am writing anticipating the outcome of some long drawn out inquiry/investigation into what happened at Grenville Tower.

The inquiry will find a failure on the part of local authorities to learn from lessons past.

The Sankofa Bird symbolizes the main failing. Every private and public organization should adopt this symbol. It is a reminder of what happens when important lessons are simply swept under the carpet.

Every private and public organization should today adopt this symbol. It should be hung in every committee room of every decision-making agency in the land. The Sankofa is a reminder that there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when agencies fail to learn and act on important lessons.

Firemen of Grenville Tower Fire

History will catch up with you.

Never forgetting the families and victims of the Grenville Tower Fire Kensington


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