Curriculum Enrichment

Family History Social Study Activity

This curriculum enrichment activity is an opportunity to “light a fire” within pupils by encouraging them to develop an interest in social and family history.

 A Tree Without Roots Programme

This enrichment opportunity encourages students to

  • make a human connection across time
  • make links with their present and past events
  • think about why people migrate
  • young people to value each other’s unique histories

Author’s Talk

Students like to hear me talk about my search for my family tree, ie

  • What triggered my interest in family history
  • My journey
  • What I found out about my family tree
  • My family’s migration down through the generations
  • How family history triggered my love of learning about the past
  • Why I became an author
  • I share information about unique challenges faced tracing my ancestors back 200 years, from London, through Jamaica to West Africa.
  • Discussion about how I overcame the challenge of finding my roots.

I share interesting facts about what I discovered about my African ancestors enslaved in Jamaica my family migration in the decades following the end of slavery