Uncover the Untold Story of a Jamaican Hero: The Civil Uprising of 1765


Explore the remarkable and little-known history of Tacky, a hero who fought for freedom and racial justice in Jamaica during the height of transatlantic enslavement. Through his courageous efforts, Tacky played a significant role in pushing back against the oppression of Black people in the Caribbean and beyond.

This talk offers a unique opportunity for organizations that support black and ethnic minority staff networks to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse history of the communities they represent. By exploring the legacy of Tacky and his fellow freedom fighters, audiences will gain a deeper appreciation for the resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness of historically marginalized communities. This can help inspire a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture that values and respects all individuals, regardless of their background or identity.

Suitable for those who:

  • seek to learn about inspiring historical figures and events that have shaped our world today
  • want to expand their knowledge and understanding of Black History
  • are new to exploring family history
  • have some experience in genealogy research and want to learn about other sources of information
  • have started but have encountered difficulties in furthering their search for information on their ancestors.