Black History |Tracing Ancestry Using the 1834 Slave Compensation Records

In this masterclass, Paul discusses how he used Britain’s 1834 slave compensation records to discover ancestors enslaved in North America and bring his back story to life.

In 1833, The British government passed legislation to end its system of enslavement. Britain raised the equivalent of £20 billion to compensate Britain's slave owners for the 'loss of human property.' It was the largest state-sponsored payout in British history before the banking crisis in 2008. Taxpayers' money went straight into the pockets of people who had already profited from its system of slavery.

Paul will discusses

  • his personal journey successfully tracing uncompensated Ancestors once enslaved in Jamaica
  • evidence of compensation linked to the enslavement of his ancestors on the Cousins Cove Sugar Plantation, Jamaica
  • the Slave Compensation Act 1837
  • researching Slave-owners
  • exploring ancestry and bringing your back stories to life.