Tracing Black Ancestry: Uncovering a Collective History of Resilience and Triumph

Join Paul Crooks on a journey of discovery as he shares his experience tracing his roots and the historical narrative that connects the histories of Caribbean and North American Black people enslaved during Britain's involvement in Transatlantic slavery. Through his research methods, Paul brings Black family history to life and highlights the collective impact of enslaved ancestors as a force for change.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • how tracing Black ancestry can enrich our understanding of history and identity
  • the resilience and triumph of Black ancestors in the face of adversity
  • practical tips and sources for exploring family history
    overcoming obstacles and unlocking the stories of our past

This talk is a celebration of Black ancestry and a reminder of the strength and determination of those who came before us. It is suitable for those interested in learning more about Black history, connecting with their roots, and embracing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

This talk can be customized to align with specific requirements or objectives.