Uncovering Black History | The Perfect Storm that Ended Slavery

Informed by meticulously researched historical documents that unearthed the names of his enslaved forebears in Jamaica, Paul Crooks offers a truly distinctive perspective on the pivotal historical events that laid the groundwork for racial justice and equality, not only in the Caribbean but also across North America. Drawing from the pages of history that detail the Maroon wars, the Haitian revolution, and the Baptist War, Paul skillfully illuminates how the often-overlooked efforts of these unsung heroes played a critical role in the ultimate decision to abolish slavery.

Moreover, Paul goes beyond the narrative by providing invaluable guidance on additional sources and practical strategies for attendees to advance their own quests in tracing their ancestors, making this presentation an indispensable resource for those who are just embarking on their journey into genealogy or facing obstacles in their research.

As participants delve into the stories of African and Caribbean historical luminaries, they not only enrich their comprehension of Black history but also gain profound insights into how it continues to shape our contemporary world. This talk serves as an ideal platform for individuals eager to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Black History, as well as for those who find inspiration and motivation in the tales of historical events and remarkable figures that have indelibly shaped our present reality.

By acknowledging the invaluable contributions of marginalized communities to society, attendees are poised to be inspired to take proactive steps and actively contribute to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


This talk can be customized to align with specific requirements or objectives.