Black History for Beginners| Economic Reasons that Ended Slavery

Paul Crooks spent 13 years searching for his African roots. He found out that his great great great grandfather walked free from the Cousins’ Cove sugar plantation, Jamaica in 1838. This prompted Paul’s curiosity about what lay behind the decision to free the enslaved people of the Caribbean.

Audiences will gain an understanding of how and why economic considerations played into decisions to abolish the system of slavery.

Stories of ancestors who resisted racial injustice can fire the imagination and spur individuals to higher levels of achievement or performance in their work and personal life.

The talk is suitable for you if

  • are inspired and motivated by learning about the inspirational people and historical events that make up where we are today
  • want to develop your knowledge and understanding of Black History
  • are new to exploring family history
  • have some experience searching for your ancestors and want to know about other sources of information
  • have started and you’re having problems furthering your search
  • want to develop your knowledge and understanding of Black History.