Black Genealogy for Beginners: How does DNA Tests Work for Black Ancestry?

Join the genealogy masterclass with Paul Crooks as he uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of tracing African origins through DNA testing. Explore your ancestral roots!

Join us for an enlightening talk by Paul Crooks as he blends Black history and family history to bring the back stories of Caribbean and North American people to life. Discover the extent to which DNA testing helps in determining geographical roots, race or ethnicity, and explore the range of approaches to uncovering ancestors.

Learn everything you need to know about DNA testing in genealogy from an expert in Black genealogy, Paul Crooks. Discover the accuracy and reliability of the tests for uncovering African Caribbean and African American origins, the types of information that can be obtained, and the different types of DNA tests available. We'll also discuss how to interpret and understand the results.