Black History’s Ancient and Medieval Timeline

The Black History Ancient and Medieval timeline is a unique interactive PowerPoint. Its designed to help you to learn, engage and remember more information than ever before about Ancient and Medieval Black History. Covering a range of historic events, the timeline can play a vital role in improving your understanding of key players and their roles in transformative historic events.
The Black History timeline is stunningly illustrated and contains a huge amount of valuable information. The timeline is specifically designed to help you gain a greater understanding of Black history before – and right up to – the beginnings of transatlantic enslavement.
Step into the engrossing history of Africa, before the rise of capitalism and understand its history and why the World is what it is today. Download to your mobile device and enrich your next visit your national museum.
The interactive PowerPoint is a great resource for home-school parents, home-school children humanities, schools, classrooms, history teachers, students, tutors and educators.