Black Genealogy | Tracing Black Ancestry Back to the Early 1800s and Beyond

Join Paul on a transformative journey as he expertly guides you through the intricate process of tracing Black ancestry back to the early 1800s, an era marked by the enduring legacy of enslaved ancestors. With his pioneering research and invaluable insights, you will embark on a profound exploration of your cultural heritage and family history.

Paul's narrative transcends mere genealogy; it's a testament to resilience and determination in the face of significant barriers. He will illuminate the path to uncovering ancestral stories from the depths of history, pre-dating the abolition of the British system of slavery. Drawing from a treasure trove of records specific to Black ancestry and a wealth of materials essential to all on their quest for roots, Paul's presentation promises a transformative experience.

This talk is a rich tapestry, woven for individuals and organizations alike, seeking to forge a deeper connection to their identity and sense of belonging. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of family history, someone with a degree of experience searching for alternative sources, or simply looking to enrich your understanding of Black History, this presentation will be an invaluable resource.

By attending, you will gain a unique perspective on the intersection of Black and British history, fostering a heightened cultural competence that can positively impact your personal journey and professional endeavours. Come be a part of this enlightening expedition into the past and uncover the threads that connect us all to our shared human heritage.


This talk can be customized to align with specific requirements or objectives.